Greven Skin Care Starter Packs

Greven Skin Care Starter Packs
Peter Greven Active Force MP - ECO is an extra heavy duty cleanser for the toughest grease, oil and grime
Combines high cleaning strength without damaging the skin’s natural balance
All NEW natural Olive Core scrubbers
pH balanced to compliment the skin
Will not clog drains
Moisturises skin as it cleans
Solvent free
Applications: Suitable for use with extra heavy dirt or grime, metallic dust, carbon black, adhesives, lacquers, graphite, oil
Starter pack includes: 2 x 2000ml softbottles and and a FREE dispenser.
NZ$ 218.33

13402011-SP     Starter pack - PG Remo-Tec                                         $243.33
13042026-SP     Starter Pack - PG Multi-Tec Universal                           $243.33
13587008-SP     Starter Pack - PG Hair-Body-Hands                              $57.00
13756003-SP     Starter Pack - PG Active Force Multi Power ECO HD   $92.50
13589013-SP     Starter Pack - PG Active HD with Soft Pearls                $103.67
12668029-SP     Starter Pack - PG Active Ultra Anti-Bond                       $118.00
13361004-SP     Starter Pack - PG Spezial Creme C                               $218.33


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