THOR EXTRUSION PUMP 32:1 (20-60 litres drums)

THOR EXTRUSION PUMP 32:1    (20-60 litres drums)
THOR EXTRUSION UNIT 32.207 MINI TWIN POST RAM (20-60 litres drums)

The 32.207 extrusion unit is specially designed for pumping viscous materials. SAMES REXSON equipment can process a wide range of materials including oils, greases, adhesives and sealants.
This equipment has proved itself over the years to be strong and reliable and can process products up to 300.000 centipoises depending on specification.

The system pumps directly from the original material container and is used on 20 to 60 liter pails (interior diameter 280 to 360 mm).

The modular conception allows you to select an extrusion system comprising of a pump, elevator, follower plate, gun and hoses + optional extras including filter, regulator, 4 wheel cart to suit your application.

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