240L Economy GP Spill Kit

240L Economy GP Spill Kit
General purpose spill kit that can be used with any liquid spills including, oil, petrol, diesel, liquid chemicals, paint etc.
The spill kit contains a mixture of loose absorbent fibre, absorbent socks, pillows and pads as well as the necessary PPE including gloves, safety specs, coveralls and a respirator plus instruction card and disposal bag.
The wheelie bin is easily identified as a spill kit and should be placed in a prominent position near where liquids are stored or used.
Absorbs up to 240L.
Note: General purpose kits are not suitable for some strong acids including Nitric and Hydrofluoric Acid.

2 x 50L Compressed Bails UltraZorb Fibre
1 Pair Safety Glasses
45 x Universal Absorbent Pads
1 Pair Disposable Coveralls
2 x 2.4m UltraZorb Socks
1 Pair PVC Gloves
1 x 1.2m UltraZorb Sock
2 x Disposal Bags with Cable Ties
2 x Absorbent Pillows
1 x Brush & Pan Set
P2 N95 Disposable Respirator
1 x Instruction Card

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