Dresser 9000

Dresser 9000
Drester Gun Washers

Drester was one of the first manufacturers of spray gun cleaners and hence today is a market leader worldwide. Their equipment is characterised by a combination of quality, performance, efficiency and reliability.

Drester 9000 – The Ultimate Fully Automatic Gun Washer

As a result of innovative thinking and years of experience emerges the Drester 9000, a complete and carefully designed Gun Cleaner for all paint systems. The fully enclosed machine bears the unmistakable Drester signature and is recognised for its functionality, user-friendliness and high quality.

The automatic Gun Cleaner is equipped with powerful Drester Teflon diaphragm pumps. These pumps have been rigorously tested and have an outstanding performance. They deliver a high volume of solvent at low pressure, which makes the machine efficient and ensures minimal loss of solvent. The machine cleans and rinses automatically, and it also has the possibility of manual washing with both circulating and fresh

Drester 9000 is comfortable to use and easy to clean and has minimal servicing requirements. An attractive and well-designed Gun Cleaner that is reliable and effective!



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