Kremlin is the world leader in the AA market with our Airmix® technology. We are very excited to announce the release of the NEW Xcite™ Airmix® Manual gun!

We've Raised the Gold Standard……..Again!

How is this gun better?

· 86% Transfer efficiency HVLP COMPLIANT

· Improved Atomization

· Lighter weight

· Less trigger pull

· New fluid swivel

· Better fit, feel and comfort

      What are the proven advantages of Airmix® and the New Xcite™ gun?

  • Highest finish quality results and fewer rejects
  • Higher transfer efficiency reduces paint consumption
  • Higher application efficiency eliminates extra finishing steps
  • Ergonomic design for fit, feel, and comfort
  • Delivers extremely fast payback compared to older technologies
  • The Xcite™ gun also offers many environmental benefits to our customers:
    · Cleaner booth environment resulting in reduced clean-up costs
  • Efficient and easy to activate safety lock even with gloves
  • “EZ adjust” technology which allows rotation of  the spray air cap easily even when fully tightened.
  • Very fine atomization and very high transfer efficiency even with hard to atomize coating outperforming our competitors
  • Stainless steel spring on the air valve to prevent corrosion even with non clean air supply
  • 100% stainless steel fluid passage
  • Large amplitude of fan width adjustment without changing spray tip


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