Hubner MS80

Hubner MS80
Suitable for use with granular and pillow form hot melt adhesives. A variable thermostat allows for application temperatures of 60°C to 190 °C. A range of nozzles is also available, as is a pre-melt tank to speed up heating times.

The MS80 glue gun works with granular hot melts without compressed air.

Simply connect to the socket. Use the thermostatic controls to set the requested temperature between 60 °C and 190 °C always work with the optimum glue temperature. Pull the trigger to apply the molten adhesive. The MS80 when used in conjunction with a spring balancer minimises operator fatigue, and increases productivity.

Voltage: 230 VTank
Capacity: 150 g
Heat-up time: ca. 10 min
Fuse: 3 Amps
Max. application per min.:100g/min.
Heating capacity: 200 Watt
Temperature, max.: 190°C
Weight hand gun: 1200 g

This applicator is not suitable for polyamide based hot melt adhesives

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