TR 60 LCD, pneumatic glue gun(hot melt glue)

TR 60 LCD, pneumatic glue gun(hot melt glue)
The TR 60 LCD Hot-Spray-System consists of the TR 60 LCD glue gun and the stand on which the gun may be deposited.

Spray Application
The TR 60 LCD is a hot-melt adhesive spray system. Spray application is a non-contact glue application, which means it goes easy on the materials that are about to be glued. Also, spray application allows covering great areas and using very little glue.
Stand included
A stand for storing with built in pressure regulator and manometer is part of the system and permanently attached to the TR 60 LCD, so setting the right glue output and spray pattern becomes very easy.
Pneumatic Hot-Melt Glue Output
The hot-melt adhesive is extruded through air pressure. Pneumatic glue guns increase work speed and simplify exact dosing of the glue.
High-Performance Electronic Temperature Regulation with LCD-Display
Thanks to the built in electronic temperature regulation the glue gun is ready to work within 3 to 10 minutes. Furthermore, it keeps the temperature

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Weight of the gun 1200 g
Power Supply 230V (50 Hz) / 120V (60 Hz) on request
Power Consumption 600 Watt
Current consumption 1,75 A
Degree of protection I
Class of protection IP 30
Temperature control electronic
Temperature limitation temperature monitor
Operating temperature approx. 50 - 210 °C
Consistency of temperature ± 2 °C
Temperature indication digital
Heat-up time approx. 3 - 10 min.
Gross Tank Capacity 250 ml
Conveying system Air pressure
Operating pressure 0,5 - 6 bar
Length of electric cord 4m
Length of connections (stand to handgun) 4,5m
Recommended melts Hot-melt granulate, pillows and 43mm sticks
Stand for storing with pressure regulator and manometer included yes

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