Premelter Tank VSB 40

Premelter Tank VSB 40
The Premelter VSB 40 is an convenient addition for the hot melt applicator models TR 50/60 as well as MS 80/150

The premelting tank renders the Reka glueing systems even more economicaly.

The Reka premelting tank gives you the opportunity of premelting the glues. The liquid glue can then be loaded into the gun and immediately dispensed. The Premelter VSB 40 allows a continuous workflow.

Once premelted, even pressure-sensitive glues that, in block form, could not be handled by the gun be dispensed without problems.

Max. melting temperature approx. 150 °C
Weight 11 kg
Power Supply 230V (50 Hz) / 120V (60 Hz) on request
Power Consumption 800 Watt
Temperature control thermostat
Operating temperature 0 - 150 °C

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