KAX {Ex} AIRMIX®: medium pressure with swirling fan

KAX {Ex} AIRMIX®: medium pressure with swirling fan
KAX {Ex} AIRMIX® gun medium pressure: Swirling fan for the ultimate wrap-around effect on tubular parts

Compliant with ATEX Directive :
{Ex} II 2 G
EEx 0.24 mJ

To be used in zone 1


Maximum fluid pressure (bar) 120
Trigger air pressure (bar mini) 4
Recommended atomization air pressure (bar) 6
Weight - without hoses, cable (g) 1100 with BG barrel
Fluid output (l/mn) Upon tip
Fan width (cm) Ajustable at the aircap
Total Length (cm) 340
Voltage cable length (m) 10
Recommended fluid viscosity 40s CA4 max.
Probe voltage 85 kV max
Maximum current 100 µA
Maximum temperature (°C) 60
Wetted parts Polyacetal, stainless steel, carbide

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