HP - BP 60/61 Heaters: Water-based materials only.

HP - BP 60/61 Heaters: Water-based materials only.
This version is only to be used for water-based materials.

HP - BP 60/61 heaters: Their original design ensures an optimized heat transfer, with no risk of burning the paint in the heater.
This equipment will allow you to reduce the viscosity of paints without using solvents.
It guarantees an outstanding finish quality, whatever the ambient temperature may be.
This version of the equipment may only be used in safe zones or out the EEC according to the ATEX Directive (94/9/CE).


Thermostat type By fluid expansion and dry contact
Thermal fuse Alumimum: cut-out at 140°C
Stainless steel: cut-out at 121°C
Thermometer Graduation 0 - 100°C
Temperature range (°C) 15 - 90
Pressure (bar) 250
Weight (kg) Aluminum : 12
Stainless steel : 23
Wetted parts Alumimum: body in aluminum - Fittings in galvanized chrome steel
Stainless steel: Body and fittings in stainless steel
Room temperature (°C) 40 max

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