Open Face Spraybooths:

Open Face Spraybooths:
We offer the following spraybooth options:

- Dry Filter Booths
Unlike a number of our competitors, our extract fans are rated to perform above legislative standards with a semi blocked or dirty filter. This means that in use, the operator works in a safe environment at all times. These can be supplied with either: Fibreglass filtermedia, Concertina or box type cardboard filters

- Wetback Booths
With automated water level control and a single fan unit, the no-pump booth is probably the simplest and most cost effective booth for the medium to high user.

- Cartridge Booths
These are used for powdercoating and are supplied with cartridge filters which are cleaned by a built in pneumatic purge system.

Wet Back

Dry Booth

Cartridge Purge Clean


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