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• Controlled atomization and high quality finish
• Cleaner environment
• Lower solvent emissions
• Higher application efficiency for fast production
• Enthusiastic operator acceptance
• Transfer efficiency eliminates waste and needless
finishing steps
• Quick payback period
• Outstanding reliability
• Easy Maintenance
• Material Savings of up to 35% and more
• Up to 50% savings in spray booth waste
• Conforms to virutally all regulations
• Fast color changes

Paint Velocity - Reduces booth maintenance
The paint velocity has a direct impact on performance:

the higher the velocity, the greater the amount of overspray and bounceback, which combine to quickly
pollute the booth. As can be seen from the graph on the right, the particle speed with AIRMIX® is much lower
than with all other systems.

Transfer Efficiency - Saves on paint costs
Users of Airmix® achieve the highest transfer efficiency available.

Air Consumption - Lower energy costs
AIRMIX® uses less air for atomization air than any other high quality spray system. AIRMIX® works well with

smaller air compressors, lower production air pressure and lower compressed air volumes. This generates major savings in compressed air cost and reduces air compressor maintenance.

Fine Atomization - Excellent finish
AIRMIX® uses a specially designed aircap to provide a smooth and even finish every time. The aircap helps to

evenly atomize the paint as it leaves the fluid tip. This even atomization allows the paint to be broken down into smaller
particles which provides the best coat with minimal defects or orange peel.


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